The world is still a better place

The last week of our NYC module was about sustainability and social innovation. It was more inclined towards sustainability with respect to environment than towards business.


On Monday, we went to Brooklyn Grange, which claims to be the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing company in the US. Brooklyn Grange is still in the phase of learning and implementing new strategies and techniques and prefer to adapt these than innovating ideas. This does not mean that they have restricted themselves from new ideas. The company prefers to adapt ideas as they are tried and tested, which makes them less risky.Image


The next day, Mr. B. Laszlo Karafiath, Producer at Culture2 inc, talked about ways to influence others using memes. At first, the idea sounded so unconvincing, but as Mr. Karafiath kept on going through his presentation, it all made so much sense. I was really surprised at seeing and thinking about how I have been influenced and dragged by almost all the products and how much memes make me decide what brand or product I should buy. Mr. Karafiath, who is a huge fan of quotes, also shared some of his favorite quotes during the presentation.


 On Wednesday, we went to visit Green Map Systems. The company uses map making as way of promoting participation in sustainable community development. The company is currently present in 65 countries by connecting to around 850 communities worldwide. We were explained how the Green Map Systems work and were also given some knowledge on their strategies and future interests the company is planning to work on. We were also taken for a tour to a close-by neighborhood. Every street had one beautiful park, full of flowers and plants. During the presentation, we were also shown green maps of various regions, even the one present in Hungary. The company showed the environmental benefits of green maps and the awareness they create. More importantly, the company showed the scope of green sustainable community development with a business viewpoint. Green Map Systems is a Non-profit organization and is focusing more on making the data and also collecting them by an open source channel.


And finally, we ended up at a high by meeting some CEU alumni and got to learn from them by learning about their experience and exchanging thoughts and ideas.

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