There’s Nothing You Can’t Do – Sustainable NY

It was a sentimental last week in New York City.  The 3rd week of the NYC module had us feeling first hand of just how grand the city is when our picture went up in lights on the tower of NASDAQ and we were witness to the closing bell ceremony.  This 4th and final week transitioned however, somehow smoothly into themes centered upon social innovation and sustainability.

Andrew Pek, Partner, at Pivot Leadership ( started the week off by helping us to define innovation in our own terms and we as a group came up with the common key words of new, disruptive, solutions, successful, commercial and idea.   Three crucial elements were discussed as factors in innovation and those were determined to be: Desirability (a market demand/need), Do-ability and Relevancy (whether commercially viable or needed for society).

Next day we where off to a fascinating experience atop a farm on a rooftop at Brooklyn Grange ( where we learned how a labor intensive and time sensitive practice could yet still yield venture capital funds and profitability through a successful business model and sustainable efforts.

Wendy of Green Map Systems ( showed us how the company uses maps as a way of encouraging sustainable community development. The Green Map System has been able to engage communities worldwide in 65 countries including Hungary, mapping green living, nature and cultural resources.  We were able to take a street tour of the neighborhood and we learned history of the neighborhood and how it has vastly transitioned over the past decades.

Laszlo Karafiath gave a insightful presentation, introducing the idea around memes: an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means,  and provided us with 10 Rules for Mematic Thinking  A lasting impression regarding how strong invidual memes can be was the quote that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker and we were reminded that behavorial change is very much a social mechanism.

Until next time, New York.



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