Week 4 – Directions to a Sustainable Future

Our last week in New York was about sustainability. We could see sustainability from many different perspectives.
The week started with a very dynamic presentation about innovation and design thinking held by Andrew Pek from Pivot Leadership. Andrew brought a new perspective of innovation and showed us the framework he developed.
We could learn that Design Thinking comes up with an innovative solutions that help meet the challenges/paradoxes individuals and organizations face. Also that innovation is producing something of value, creating something sustainable or desirable, doable and relevant in the same time. If one of these components is missing then it’s not an innovation.
In the afternoon we visited Brooklyn Grange (www.brooklyngrangefarm.com). It is a paradox for me having a farm on the roof top of a building in one of the most developed city in the world, however it seems a great idea and a successful business model. I was amazed by entrepreneurial spirit of the president of the farm Ben Flanner and his coworkers to create a sustainable and delicious NYC, in the same time supporting people from all over the world to learn about the farming industry and be able to implement it in their countries as well.
The week followed with a presentation from Balazs Laszlo Karafiath from CultureCulture Inc. (www.culture2inc.com) introducing the 10 Rules for Memetic Marketing.
Some of the learnings from his presentation are how memes can influence our thinking and behavior, also to make people acknowledge the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment.
Our last company visit in NYC was to Green Map (www.greenmap.org) where we could hear about the activities and sustainability initiatives of the company. Green Map expands the demand for healthier, more vibrant communities, with adaptable map making tools and universal icons. The company is a non profit organization that promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using map making as a medium. The movement is spread in 865 cities, towns and villages in 65 countries.
After the presentation, the Founding Director Wendy E. Brawer took us on a walking tour in the area, the so called ‘East Village’, where we could visit and see some of the community gardens, built for the use of the communities in the neighborhood.
Similar to the previous weeks, Week 4 was also very informative, inspiring and motivating. We learned a lot, we experienced a lot and i believe we will all miss this city very much.


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