Week 4 – Sustainability of NYC

The last week in NYC passed… And the overall impression about the module that it run out so fast, and this month was like a single day… Wish we could stay in NYC more, it seems to me there are tones to study there.
The last week was about sustainability in NYC, but for me it was more like a summary of the whole month. And during this week I was thinking about what means “sustainable”. I never took such courses in CEU before because I was thinking that it was more about integrity, ecology, energy savings and so on, that was not of my prior interest. But during this week in NYC I realized that this definition much broader than those above. And I tried to understand for myself what makes NYC sustainable. What helped him not only to survive after the crisis but to build a completely new ecosystem – hundreds of entrepreneurial labs of different sorts, thousands of new inventions made not only by huge corporations, but also by guys like those from “Brooklyn Research (http://brooklynresearch.org/) and “350 technologies”, millions of enthusiastic people willing to make the life better not only for themselves.
I felt that we are missing marketing and real estate parts of NYC to close the cycle, and occasionally this week was headed by the real estate flag for me. I was at the alumni meeting and presentation made by Ilona Beatrice Polyak from Town real estate company on wednesday who covered all the topics of my interest about real estate business in NYC and obviously was very useful for those who planned to work in this area. But on the next day real estate epopee was continuing – I met with another guy who made an invention in the area of real estate and patented it! It’s simple invention but no one did it before. And he told me the story how he came to this idea. It was crisis and people became losing their houses because of personal defaults and impossibility to cover their mortgages. And he proposed his neighbors to rent the apartment 1 month for free, so they needed to pay only for 11 month per annum. He didn’t expect to see a queue next day near his office – the number of people was much more than the number of apartments available to rent. And they all were very thankful to him that he could at least somehow decrease the financial burden on their shoulders.
Someone can ask, why I wrote this story here, in the blog for the last week? The simple answer is that the combination of all these factors: ecosystem, money, culture, people, openminded and willing to develop, help each other, with positive attitude to failure, all of that, from my point of view, make NYC unique and sustainable.

The nice farm on the rooftop made by Ben Flanner, head farmer and president of Brooklyn Grange Farm (http://brooklyngrangefarm.com/)
and GreenMap System (greenmap.org) lady Sara S. Tucker who offered us a coffee, juices, and other soft drinks in her office with so much warm like a grandma, and than followed us through the number of private small gardens in this area…

They were just the other confirmation that NYC still survive, develops and it’s truly sustainable!



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