First week in New York

The first week topic – Entrepreneurship in New York definitely broadened my view. Frankly speaking, for me, to be an entrepreneur is not in my wish list or one of my priority targets. But, from several speakers and company visits, I felt the passion from them, they really love what they are doing and willing to devote themselves. This kind of attitude should be learned by anyone and used in our own career.

However, only having the passion is still far from reaching the success. Through the help of incubators and co-working spaces, entrepreneurs are able to expand their networks, learn from each other, and even find the partners to build the business. This shared community is way more important and worth to be valued. That is exactly the amazing point of New York. The inclusive power is the fundamental element in generating dynamic energy to entrepreneurship in New York. This inclusive culture is very different from Budapest.

Besides, if we narrow the scope from city level to university level, the difference can be seen as well. Under the culture framework and mission support, the NYU Incubators and NYU Mark and Debra Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab are able to put much effort and focus on guiding and helping entrepreneurs to develop the business. Looking back to Budapest, even though the entrepreneurship is also booming and promoting there, it seems something is still missing. Without the coordination of the university, public sectors, industry support and so on, it could be hard for this entrepreneurship cluster to develop.


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