The new “Big Apple”

Based on my first week experiences I had to realize that New York changed in a great extent in the last some years. On the one hand, the city saved its dynamic and busy daily life. On the other hand, New York became a significant player in the IT sector. During the first week, I received a deep impression about the entrepreneur life in the Big Apple. I had to realize that New York has a new and powerful high-tech industry. Also, I had to realize that the new Ecosystem is quite efficient. The elements of the system and the different institutions can help the new ideas and startup companies in this city.

In the first week class sessions, I received many interesting information and practical advices from active entrepreneurs. For instance, it was interesting to hear Ziv Navoth (co-founder of Paragraph) 10 rules for entrepreneurs (“Just do it”). Also, I could study an valuable and useful framework (CAPTURE Model) from the Acceleration Group presentation. During this week I could learn a process which is a basic element to create a efficient startup company.

I especially liked the different company visits. I found very interesting the presentation of Big Data because this relative new field could be decisive element in the future business life. I was interested in the institutions which support the new ideas and startup companies in New York. I could receive a comprehensive picture about these systems and their elements and requirements. I was impressed by the activities at General Assembly which is a non-academic educational institution. The visit to NYU Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab was a great experience. I received a better insight in the startup world in New York. During the company visits I could understand better the opportunities and difficulties in the startups world. I could gain a lot of useful information about this sector and I learned many “rules” which are important in this high-tech sector.

I think the most important experiences was for me that understanding the customer needs is a basic element for a successful startup. Also, important a supporting system which can help for a starting company in the early stages. New York is an ideal city to start a new high-tech company but it also means a heavy competition in this city and field.


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