New York City module – lessons learned after first week

One of the most important thing that I learned after first week is that being an entrepreneur enables you creative freedom, full professional engagement. There are more then thousands successful examples around ourselves. Examples that show us that we can change and create huge impact on community for the greater good without too much financial obstacles in the beginning.

I never thought to become entrepreneur but clearly last few days changed my mind about it. Couple of times some of our lectures asked us a question to bring up an idea and elaborate further. Naturally, first thing that come to my mind was something related to my current job and industry that I work. Thinking about it I actually realized that gaps exists, there are some issues that I am not happy about but I never thought of solving it or change it. Now I think about them as a business potential. Possibility to observe environment with different eyes and try to match market demand with my ideas is a real change for me.

Majority of tech start ups that we have visited have similar path and face similar problems on the way. Incubators, coo working space and tech educational space are there to guide and help. Really interesting to see how will this work around finance, consulting and services next week.

Different language and terminology is another important thing I learned last week. Something that we don’t hear in our part of the world. Simple, practical and sophisticated at the same time. Steroid your business plan, hug a customer every day, is your product tooth brush?, two types of people in the future, one who tells computer what to do and ones computer tells them what to do… Definitely don’t wonna be in the second group.

Technology was always around us and helped us in many ways. People like Henry Ford and Steve Jobs only had one distinctive advantage over others and that is possibility to see the world differently and enough persistence and courage to execute their ideas no matter what. Technology development in present time luckily enables us all to try and as they say around here, failure is good.



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