New York in Transition

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The 1st week in New York is definitely an very exciting experience, New York is the world class global city with big multinational companies and financial institutions located here, with the financial center concept in mind, I am surprised to find out that New York is transiting into an very innovative city full of entrepreneurship.

We have visited NYU incubator, which is a very impressive place, taking the advantage of the abundant human resource of New York University talents, NYU incubator help to acceralate the new Startups, once the company is admitted into the incubators, they will provide coaching,  consulting services, even help to raise the fund, they have created the communities for the startup founders to communicate, help each other, complement for each other’s expertise, this is a great network and community, people’s innovation potential will be stimulated, they have already grow some new startup to be successful.

The other institution I like very much is the CUSP (The centre for Urban Science and Progress), which takes New York City as a living Lab, research the technologies which are possible to apply to New York City, its mission is to bring economic value, create jobs, help to improve the New York City and the urban life here.

There are lots of incubators in New York trying to help the new Startups to grow and succeed, matching the supply and demand, since there are great demands for new Startups to grow and looking for resources and help.

With great talents coming from all over the world, New York is a very accommodative city. It means differences, conflicts, merging and learning from the great diversity. After the 2008 financial crisis, New York is successfully shifting from the Wall Street dominated economy to emerging global innovative centre. The success of New York is a great example for the cities which want to cultivate the entrepreneurship, it means accommodative, cultivate the innovative atmosphere, provide capital plus the policy supports, while also need to take care of the differences of New York and other cities, such as capital, resources, human capital, scale and so on.

With a lot of inspiring speakers and visits, the most important thing I have got is that this is a whole new world based on sharing, but not owning any more, learn to share your resources with other people, if you can create a sharing community for others, you can create a whole new world.

In the new era, data is very valuable, big data is the new trend, own the data is owning the important information, and hold the key to the great business opportunities.


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