NY, the city of the New Yorkers, the City of Entrepreneurial Spirit – Or a must have skill to survive in the Big Apple?

Over the week, we learnt about entrepreneurship — mostly from great professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

We talked with people on the street. In the metro. In bars and in restaurants. In parks and in shops.

Here you must dare

Here you must dare.

There was one thing common to almost all whom we met: They Are Survivors. In my projection just like the other, almost 20,000,000 citizens of a city with whom we haven’t yet manage to speak. All the habitants of the City, people who are laying their heads down at some point over the 24-hour course of a day, either in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, or Queens.Based on a few days experience,

if you add these key words together you will be able to picture the successful New Yorker: agile, desperate, adopter, fighter, hard-worker, little or very much crazy, and consumerist, open and hungry for success.

When I was told years ago, this City is a melting pot, I could not picture the way it really is. It’s not Paris. Nor London. It’s New York, a city filled with New Yorkers . . .

Please note: my impressions are based only on 9 days in the City. -> I reserve the right to change or alter my opinion. 🙂


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