The city who boost start-ups – Entrepreneurship in New-York City

There are so many things to say about this first week of NYC Module of CEU Business School. First of all, I’m really thankful that CEU Business School gave us the chance to meet such business and motivated people who show us how the things really work here in New-York City.

What I really liked this week was to listen directly from the entrepreneurs themselves. Hearing their own stories and how sometimes they struggled to achieve their goals make us understand that there is no easy way to succeed every challenges we will face but that everything is possible with dedication, focus and hard work. Every time we heard about an entrepreneurs’ story, we could heard almost the same, they would start to explain us how difficult it was at the beginning, how they “gave up” everything to come in New-York City and start their own companies, sometimes thousands of miles away from their home and family.

Coming in this city was an evidence for them because it was the right place to be to create a start-up and to be help and supported by an impressive amount of resources. During this week, we visited some of these resources such as NYU incubator which helps students who created their start-up to grow faster. This kind of incubator is important when you create a company because it helps you in a lot of aspects that you need to think about, such as how to create a good team, is your product market needed, how to get users, how to scale, how to raise fund etc…

As a future entrepreneur, knowing about the different helps and aspects of this NYC community show me that moving here is really something to think about if I want to have as much chance as possible to succeed.  Because no matter how hard and how dedicated I will be, having this community, this entrepreneurship feeling in NYC and all the tools you need around you will help me to have more chance to scale and grow faster.

I have to admit that this first week really gave me motivation to become an entrepreneur faster  and I can’t wait to participate at the second week of this Module which will also give us a different aspect of this new tech city.

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