Week 1 – New York module

Almost one week after arriving to New York I am still trying to understand the culture and the rhythm of this city. The overwhelming noise, number of people, diversity and the sheer size of the whole makes me work hard even after classes. The level of energy and tolerance needs to be relatively high compared to other city visits, this is partly due to the fact that the existing infrastructure struggles to cope with amount of people – probably it is often at its limits. This might create additional tasks for the city’s leadership in the near future.

The first week’s program gave us a deep insight how a city’s “profile” can be changed over time. This transition from a financial capital to an entrepreneurial hub was something that nobody expected earlier. Seeing those efforts of the different stakeholders to preserve the dominance of this famous metropolis is exceptional. Usually if a sector goes down which drives the economy in a certain area the chance for renewal in a very different form is rather limited. If we think of Detroit which used to be the world’s most famous automotive fortress – it is nowadays just a very blurry shadow of itself. So it all goes back to the creativity, willingness for change and the smart allocation of resources of the New Yorkers. Truly astonishing!

Even though my personal drive to create a tech start-up is not on the same high level as other’s, the lessons of the last five days are more than encouraging. The most important thing that I learned this week is the structure and spine of a start-up venture provided partly by the accelerators and incubators as well as by the “doers”. All those steps (sometimes in different order according to presenter) from having an idea to shipping a product created a framework that can be successfully replicated. Probably. I mean this because the awareness and alertness of these outstanding entrepreneurs does not seem to decrease over time. I had the feeling the Ziv, Andres and Antonio observe and lead the flow of their businesses – even with significant amount of experience – with the greatest attention to detail.

My key take away for the week

  • Use your creativity
  • Use all your resources
  • Dare to shift focus
  • Dare to fail – if you don’t you are not trying hard enough!
  • Talk to people, socialize – sell yourself

All in all great week, full of new inputs – looking forward to the second week!






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