Hello world! Made in NYC: Week 1

image (8)

This week was all entrepreneurial focused. Visiting many incubators and accelerators really made me feel all the energy, excitement and buzz of creating a business. On day two and three, we were asked to choose a problem we wanted to solve, our solution to it, and what it would take to make that solution happen. It was a really good exercise to get those of us who are not entrepreneurs to try to think like one. They inspired me with business ideas and business names.

The city of New York is very supportive and works with the universities, investors and entrepreneurs to create this ecosystem. The locations of the incubators we visited are in prime locations throughout the city. This makes them very accessible. People come from all over the world to NYC. It is already a global city. Each of the five boroughs of NYC is its own epicenter of innovation and talent. Manhattan is not the only “it” place to thrive for entrepreneurs. The five boroughs are all very different, so they can cater to an ever-changing range of needs and offer talent.

We had great speakers: Ziv Navoth, Alejandro Crawford, Antonio Evans and Andres Blank- entrepreneurs who shared with us their successes, failures, and what they learned. They spoke about qualitative vs. quantitative measures of value and growth, the CAPTURE framework, their favorite and most useful apps, and many other interesting things.

image (3) image (9)

We visited a variety of companies that specifically focused on growing NYC’s “Silicon Alley”.  The Center for Urban Science and Progress, NYU Varick Street, NYU Labs, and General Assembly. The NYU Varick Street incubator has rigorous process but this is to really make sure the entrepreneurs it accepts are serious and can work well together and compliment each other. General Assembly used to be a co-working space but now focuses on providing education and university type classes.   These spaces were very comfortable, open and really encouraged creative thinking and collaboration.  I really liked the inspiring quotes on the stairs below and the “Alf” nap/workspace.  image (2)

image (7)

We also visited a law firm that specialized in international fraud cases. Our Integrity class at CEU prepared us really to understand the terms and functions discussed in this lecture. Thanks professor Hardi!

This was a fun and insightful week that really gave us a great introduction to New York City.


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