Finance in the Big Apple

The last week I learned a lot about the new Ecosystem and the entrepreneurship in New York. But, the Big Apple is mostly known by Wall street in the business world. Therefore, I was interested in this week the financial life of the city a few years after the financial crisis. Thorough the different company visits I could receive an interesting picture about the real financial world.

I enjoyed the visit to the General Atlantic. This visit could add a new aspect for me about the investment world. I think it was valuable and important experience to learn about the operation of the private equity world. I received an interesting insight in the company’s main activities, investment strategies, requirements, risks etc. It was a great experience.

Ernst and Young is one of the big four companies. It was a great learning experience how this company works and how company plans its future. I was impressed how the Ernst and Young increases its employee number worldwide and the company professional thinking way. I especially liked to see the company’s “Vision 2020” which focuses on “Building a better working world”. I had to recognize that EY make a lot of efforts to create a strong and propel human capital background in this heavily competitive field.

It was interesting to listen the Zephyr Management’s specialized investment strategies. Their approaches and the thinking way to build businesses in the different non-traditional markets was a new experience for me. I liked their elaborated and detailed analysis about the Sri Lanka’s market as an emerging and attractive investment destination. I received information about the investment process and its difficulties and the risks. This kind of new investment strategy was instructive and useful for me. Also, it was interesting to listen the speakers’ life stories and how their career developed in the finance world. I especially liked their advice in the job searching.

Some common topics appeared in almost all company visits. First, the companies highlighted the importance of not breaking the established ethics code. Secondly, I had to recognize the fact that risks can be far higher than the returns in the different investments.

All in all, these company visits were very useful for me because I could gain useful and new knowledge and experiences about the real financial world.

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