Follow Your Heart, 2nd week in New York

The 2nd week in New York is a very impressive and precious time for me, I begin to shape the whole picture of New York City, the direction and distribution of the City, take the metro by myself to reach where I want, being more and more like this city which is full of contents for me to discover and explore. Meanwhile the topics of 2nd week module also captured my passion and gave me great inspiration.

The visit to General Atlantic is a very great experience, once you enter the company you already feel their professionalism. General Atlantic has about 15-20 billion dollar to invest with about 200 employees in the world, they are the 6th largest Private Equity company in this world, they take the money from the patient capital, and it’s investment focuses on technology, they are looking for low priced company to invest, they are not investing companies that is out for auction which usually will boost up the price of the company, they do a lot of investments in emerging economies such as China, Brazil, India, and it’s return is about 20% per year, even in high risk emerging market, they looking for 40% per year return, their invest logic is to find low price potential investment opportunities, patiently hold and grow the investment, usually their average investing timeline is about 5.5 years.

The other company I liked very much is ZEPHYR management which is a private equity investment company and it focus on the emerging market, It has a lot of investment exposure in India and Sri Lanka, the speaker gave us a very usefully presentation. Their investment capital and scale is relatively small compare to General Atlantic, So the company choose not to compete in very competitive market, instead it choose countries which are fast growing and the big player are ignoring, such as Sri Lanka and so on, it’s investment philosophy is to find its own relative advantage in a niche market, try to become the first market mover in that market.

The speakers are very wise person, you can feel their life philosophy that really lead them to their life success, “do what other people don’t do, and go somewhere that other people don’t want to go”. Especially for the career part, they said that actually take your career as a investment, you don’t need to be the most smart person in this world,  you just need to find your own relative advantage to stand in a advantageous position. There are three take aways from their career suggestions: 1st follow your heart. Only do the things that you really love and have passion about then you can be successful and insist on it; 2nd respect the macro economy, when the tide rise, everybody will go up, follow the uprising waves, your position will also be higher; 3rd find your own relative value and leverage on it.

The 2nd week is definitely a great gain for myself, when enjoying the life in New York, I also take away something very useful here, I think the knowledge and philosophy I gained here will benefit my whole life.

Looking forward for the 3rd week.

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