Having fun in New York City during the NYC Module

Hello Blog Readers and Future CEU Business School MBA Students! As I have been reading through the other blogs, I realized that we have already given a quite comprehensive view on the academic activities of the New York Module, so I have decided to focus my attention on the much neglected :), yet just as important topic, namely to give you an overview on our days in New York and on the topic of having fun!

So, to get you on track, I will start with giving you a short intro on the Module itself. The New York Module is an integral part of the CEU Business School’s 11 month long Full Time MBA program. It is currently a 3 week long module running from the mid of May to the first week of June. MBA students from other CEU hosted MBA programs have also the option to join for a week or two and to attend the classes and social events. I personally think the timing is just great! Weather is late spring, early summer, not to hot, not to cold. We, the full time students have accommodation in Brooklyn Heights, in St. George Residence. This hostel (where we share double rooms) located close to several subway stations, so getting to basically anywhere in the city is quite easy. Approximately 70% of the classes are held in Bard College’s classroom, located close to Time Square, on the 6 the avenue, on the 5-th floor on this several storey building. (By the way, while we were there, a crew was shooting „Project Runway”, on the 3rd floor, so whenever the elevator stopped there, we were able to get a sneak peak of what was going onJ). Classes usually start at 9, with a wide variety of invited guest lecturers. There is usually a 2 hour long lunch break. The afternoons are either class room sessions, or Company visits at given locations. I personally believe, having the opportunity to visit Ernst&Young, General Atlantic, Open Society, General Assembly, NASDAQ or Varrick Incubator, just to mention some, is really huge! It is just great to be able to collect personal impressions about a company by actually meeting and listening to people working and creating value there.

After the afternoon sessions are over (around 5 o’clock), there is time to have fun! What I personally like about the New York module, is that is allows time to self organize and socialize! Since we share classes with the Executive MBA and Catalyst MBA students, there is plenty of time to get to know each other. I believe that an MBA is not just about academics, but also about making connections. With the weekends off, the New York Module strikes a great balance of these two important aspects of an MBA.

Speaking of weekends, today is Sunday, and I am about to leave to a roof-top-pool-pizza party, where a Orsi, a residing friend invited some of us to relax after a great evening out to Meske Ethiopian Restaurant and the Press Lounge! (Well, ok, I actually skipped the Press Lounge, because to queue was too long, so I came home and invited Aron over to chat about the big questions of life J) Anyway, Eszter, my dear roomie is already rushing me, to get dressed, as we need to leave for the pool-pizza party soon, so I will finish off my blog for now about our days in New York Module.

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