New York Week #2: General Atlantic, Ernest and Young and Zephyr Management

The second week of the New York module gave us the opportunity to see the people that manage powerful financial institutions. I would highlight three company visits that added much valuable hands on experience on my understanding of the financial firm: an auditing company and two fund management companies. This week was in many senses very different from the first one.

Ernest and Young

The whole cohort was well received at the E&Y headquarters located on Times Square. The session started with a brief introduction on what the company does and there was much emphasis on the importance of their employees. It appeared to me that people who had been selected to join E&Y and stayed there for many years  and became successful they all have two several common qualities. First is that they all act and dress professionally, second that they seem confident and competent on their field of expertise and third that they seemed overloaded with work all the time. They seemed to enjoy the benefits that the company offered, a lifetime full of diverse work project opportunities and travel around the world.

General Atlantic

The session in General Atlantic started with a brief overview of the company and what types of investments they look for. The CEO mentioned from which sources do they take employees and my interpretation of his words was that if someone wants to work for a fund management firm he or she needs to invest long years in a career path before he or she becomes qualified to work at such an institution.

Zephyr Management

The CEO of Zephyr talked about achieving success in areas where competition is not so strong. To maximize success likelihood by positioning yourself in industries or opportunities that are already growing. They talked about trust in your own perspective of the new trends that rise in the world. They seemed to be very sophisticated people and my interpretation of their advice is to always follow common sense in business.

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