Second week in New York

Compared to the first week in New York, the second week could be said a different view of New York. Not only the focusing topic, but also the people we met. Entrepreneurship and finance / consulting are very different orientation of career choice. Entrepreneurs generate various ideas and try to build the business from the scratch with only few people. Investing bankers or consultants accumulate the knowledge, training to be professional in the certain field and work in the multinational corporation. It is impossible to compare these two orientations neither to say which one is better and which one is worse. It is all about what kind of person you want to be and what kind of career you want to have. The most important thing to think about is where your passion at is!

Although people are in the same field of career, the approach to be successful could be also different. In the company visit to General Atlantic, the company has several teams and work on five main areas. It also has the certain company strategy or principal when making the investment in emerging markets. The company structure, culture and macroeconomics situation influence the decision-making. Look another company – Zephyr Management, even though the investment amount and organization sizes are way smaller than General Atlantic, it has its own unique approach and evaluation to make the decision of investing. Instead of competing in the same area and trying to be smarter than competitors, Zephyr chooses to use its relative advantage in relative situation. It is actually a very smart strategy, focusing on the niche market and doing what you are good at.

The advice that Zephyr gave to us make me think more in my personal career development. “Follow your heart and do what you are passion about”. “Don’t need to be the best, just have the relative advantage in the relative situation”. “Go elsewhere no one will go, do what else no one will do”. It is easy to speak out these wisdom words, but who actually do that? Sometimes people are too obsessed in being number one but neglect the fact that no one can be the number one in every area. Don’t need to be better than others in everywhere, just in one area might be already enough.

Reflecting this philosophy back to the entrepreneurship orientation, isn’t it exactly the expression of this philosophy?

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