Week 2: The real life behind Mega Structures of NYC

Week 2 was personally more excited for me than week 1, not because I am not an entrepreneur or don’t aspire to be but I can more relate myself with this side of business at the moment plus I went to see the Yankees match on Monday. So we went to see the baseball match between Yankees and Royals at the famous Yankee stadium also it was for the first time,I was watching a sports match live from the stadium. So it was a great experience also I saw Mr. Alex Rodriguez, whom I have heard a lot.

From a career perspective, since I am majoring in Finance, It was a very important week. It was more of a world where as MBA’s you want to go and work for these corporations, where you can relate to yourself, last week It was more tech based entrepreneurship and I got a feeling that it is relatively easier to be attract capital if you have tech based startup, who show us the life behind those big towers.

There were 3 key take away for me from week 2

  1. Go to these big financial hub like NYC, London etc. and learn the skills and then decide for yourself.
  2. Go and work in these emerging economies and learn because that’s where the future is.
  3. “People are buying the value you bring, not you”- Bela P. Sandor

All these three messages have one thing in common i.e. the value or skill you bring to the organization; no matter you are working for EY , GA or BCG.

Interestingly I come from a India, which has been the talk of the town for the PE firm like GA, Zephyr Mgmt. and there would be many more.GA has just invested 1 billion dollar in India and Zephyr Management in highly focused on Indian market. But again it all comes down to the skill which you have and even if there are opportunities in your country, it is not easy to grab unless you poses those skills.

Last but not the least, I think it is very important at least in the beginning that you acquire the skills to be successful by working with some of the best people of the industry in big cities and then you can work for these PE firms, as they won’t hire you without prior relevant experience . I will sign off with a line from Bela Sandor that they need you because you have the value because it’s the people, who make these organizations so big not vice versa.

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