2nd week – Finance side of NYC

This second week was dedicated to another side of this big city. What I particularly liked this week was the company visit of General Atlantic and Zephyr. General Atlantic is mostly focused on investing in private companies by acquiring equity. Focusing on big investment around the world, General Atlantic is one the biggest private investment company.  To add some negative points, I was a bit fed up that everytime we visited a company, someone had to ask “would you hire me?”. It was a bit interesting to see the point of view of the full time MBA by still thinking that everything is possible when we really want it. Sorry to say that, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone like us coming from CEU to work for a company like General Atlantic. Let’s be realistic guys…please… As the CEO said, they hire every year 2-3 persons. What would they be interested by someone coming from CEU Business School instead of someone coming out from the top 3 United States Business School? I personnally think that when they hire someone, it’s because they want that person to work for them, with person hunting them because they are high skilled, not because they send their CVs… Even though I would also like to work for a top private “investing equity company”, I like to stay realistic also.

Hearing about the CEO of Zephyr was really interesting when he talked about being involved in opportunities in growing market and where the competition is not hard. I liked also their advice about managing your ego, about looking for markets that are growing, to always be pationate about what you are doing etc..

I was a bit surprised about how one of our last speaker, Paul Todalgi, explained us what he thinks about the financial technology.  I felt he was a bit controversial, really pationate, but it was really hard to follow his thoughts as it seems he was mixing eveyrthing he said. I’m really interested about what the others think about him and the way he sees the things.

I just can’t wait to start this last week !


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