Finance and consulting

Finance and consulting are in the DNA of New York, these industries are the signature of the city.

We could have a view in the boardroom of one of the biggest private equity firm, General Atlantic – a growth equity firm managing a whopping 18 billion dollars, thus the 6th largest private equity firm in the world, and a more boutique like one: Zephyr Management where they shared their investment philosophy focusing on emerging markets.

Like in many other industries trust between involved parties is the key and the base of the relationship. What shouldn’t be surprising as people give an extraordinary amount of money to these institutions.

The culture of excellence and the focus on long-term value creation is exceptional.

Getting in these companies is really hard, they only hire people with proven track record. On the other hand from the companies perspective, there is a cut-throat competition for talent too.

We were able to learn about the current state of the art in finance from Stephen Ibach, an ex Wall street banker. His message really resonated with my views on the decentralization of the finance industry, that technological advancements rendering the “trusted third party” type of institutions unnecessary.

The other spotlight of the week was Aaron Foster who shared Pfizer’s view on strategies on emerging markets. Their approach shed light on the importance of data and business analytics as a source of competitive advantage.

This week was full of exceptional learning opportunities looking forward the upcoming ones about sustainability the next week.


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