Second week experience in “New” New York – Week of Wisdoms

I’m writing the blog from our beautiful city Budapest, since the second week of NYC modul is over and unfortunately, some of us already had to leave New York; this demanding, bustling, never-sleeping epicentre of the word. Not surprisingly, the second week of the program offered many unforgettable experiences – again.

Besides the endless cultural, gastronomic and architectural “miracle” offered by the city, we gained many new information and knowledge about how professional service firms like General Atlantic, Pfizer, Ernst & Young, and Zephyr Management do their way of business. Honestly, I consider myself to be privileged that I had the chance to listen to the CEOs, Co-Founders, Directors and Chairman of these companies which would not have been possible without this program offered by the CEU.

How would you call a wise man with 30-40-50 years of real business experience behind him, considering the World his own playground when making decisions about investing millions of US dollars here or there? Track record? 🙂 If I had to give a title to this week, undoubtedly I would call it “The Wisdom Week”.

This time I don’t want to list boring (yet still amazing) data about these giant firms, but rather to collect the exact messages  that have been delivered by the presenters that can change your way of thinking about your business considerations, your carrier anchors, the pathway you consider to be yours, or about your ‘relative’ value. Or at least it can get you out of your comfort zone and begin to make you see things differently, from both personal and business point of view. (I believe these quotes are valuable, even if they are taken out from the context.)

So here you are, don’t miss them:

  1. Paul Tolgaldi, Chairman/ Co-Founder, BTA Partners LLC

– “….You should build your carrier profile in a way to be able to make some changes in it; to get the most out of it with studying emotional infrastructure around you, the ecosystem around you… “

– ” …Look at local opportunities and find local niche path….”


  1. Matt Nimetz, Advisory Director, General Atlantic

– “…. If you don’t go global, you cut the half of the market and the half of the creativity”

– “…. Silicon Valley might be the next bubble, invest carefully in this area…”


  1. Bela P. Sandor, Director, Vertical Cloud Solutions

– “… How can you manage cash flow? 1. Never undersell yourself, 2. Always know the profitability of each gig, 3. Plan engagements carefully, 4. Always use financial miles stones in contracts, 5. Remember: they need you!…”


  1. Dan Black, Recruitment Leader, Ernst & Young

– “….Make your carrier an adventure…”

– “….Always have a healthy level of scepticism…”

– “….Making your employees to be proud to work at your company makes them more committed and create unity…”


  1. Stephen Ibach, State-of-the-art in Finance

– “…if you don’t have doubts, you don’t succeed…”


  1. Thomas C. Barry, Stephen E. Canter, CEO & Founder, Zephyr Management

– “… 90% of US companies stay small due to the low level of management’s capacity…”

– “…. Your carrier is highly influenced by your network, other successful people around you, your mentors and coaching…”

– “Spend more time outside your comfort zone; make experimental journey”

– “Be relative to the situation, you don’t have to be the best, or the smartest. Think about what is your relative value?”

– “The rising tides takes all boats”

– “Stock market is like a gambling casino”

– “When good management meets bad businesses, usually bad business wins” (Warren Buffett)

– “Follow your heart, do things you are passionate about, only when you look back you can connect the dots in your life”

– “Think about what are your “up escalators”?

– “It takes 30 years to build your reputation, and takes 30 minutes to lose it” (Warren Buffett)

So if you are one of the readers who is considering joining the CEU family, just do it, go for it. It worth the time and money too, – we are in business school, we have to talk about financial side as well. 🙂

If you are already in, don’t miss NYC module next year; it is a life time experience that may change your life. In a world (or city like New York), where the values and standards are measured by ‘slightly’ different milestones, the world opens up, and the limits, – your limits that you considered to be true and valid- , shifts to the direction of being able to achieve bigger, seemingly unattainable goals.


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