NYC Week 2 – The real stuff

Finally, my kind of environment…
After learning how to attract investors money and spend it on various ideas out of whom around 75% fail, we have seen and meet thus who have money and are willing to invest and those who are doing consulting with global outreach.
Two of them have been particularly interested for me. General Atlantic and E&Y.
GA and absolutely fabulous Matthew Nimetz, person for whom I was not sure if he has more experience in high end international politics, legal or investing. Person who is leading “minimum $100M club” with such simplicity, natural logic and wisdom. I assume once you are up there things become pretty easy but how do you climb is the Billion $ question. We were lucky as he freely share his experience and wisdom with us like we were his kids. Felt privileged and obliged at the same time. Privileged as I could be there, but that is past tense and obliged to continue and not let him and our school ecosystem down in the future. Not sure which is the hardest part?
The way how his team is playing and investing globally is really amazing. Finding companies with such a growth potential (above 20% annually) is probably more difficult then persuading cash reach individuals and funds to invest from locals to royal families and sheiks around the world (this is my personal assumption of course). Once you are recognized as money maker world is yours. The question for my sleepless nights is how much his political background and connections have to do with it, in both ways.
Ernest & Young – there is something similar about every big multinational corporation which sharing same employee experience across the world. From the job adverts to the way that job interview is organized and potential carrier path afterwards. Now, depending where you started this can work well and things are as they have been presented at the beginning. Promoting this path to young graduates and MBA students is probably the way how it should be delivered. What happens if you are hired in the part of world that is not so sexy and where growth happened couple of years ago and will not happen in the next few as well? Then you company doesn’t sound so global anymore and your moving perspectives with the company as well. I didn’t conduct any serious research about mobility from SEE & CEE but would be nice to compare it with US or EMEA data. There is always one way how to overcome this burden, go back to week 1 key take always and then you will be the only responsible person for your global location and reallocation
Anyway, EY is delivering highest business and regulatory standards around the world, they are among 4 companies that do that in an extraordinary way and there is no question about it.


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