Sustainability in the Big Apple

Our last week in the New York module we dealt with the sustainability topic. I think this topic is very important in our fast-paced world. Therefore, I was especially interested in Brooklyn Grange which company is one of the leadings in the rooftop farming. The company cultivates rooftop soil farms that are on two roofs in New York City. It grows and distributes fresh vegetables and herbs. I think it is important that in this farm they do not use harmful chemicals. Brooklyn Grange provides consultations (farming and green roof) and free workshops for enquirers. Also, Brooklyn Grange plays an active role in the life of the local communities.

It was interesting to listen the company’s short story and its result. Brooklyn Grange started in 2010. The company developed quickly year by year and it has become profitable. I like this green roof idea for many reasons. It is very simple and easy to reproduce in any countries in the world. Also, it has many advantages. First, the green roof can collect and contain the storm water. Secondly, it can help to insulate the building (for instance in the hot summer days) and hereby this method can save energy to the users.

I liked the visit in the Green Map System. It is a non-profit organization that generates green maps all over the world. The Green Map System helps people locate green areas in the different cities. A lot of people, organizations and institutions joined to this initiative and helped this activity worldwide. Also, Green Map System plays an active role the life of the local community.

It was an interesting experience to learn about a successful real estate agency in New York. Rudin Management gave us an exciting presentation how technology and real estate can combine in the present. This new approaches has many advantages. First, it can cut significantly cost and it can increase the efficiency. Secondly, the different buildings are control easily and in the case of problems, the troubleshooting can be started quickly and efficiently.

During the last week, I enjoyed the company visits because I could gain a lot of new and useful experiences.

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