Bye-bye NYC

The closing week of the trip held some really interesting learning opportunities.

My favourite part was the incubator in the old Pfizer building at 660 Flushing av. We could see there how the community of companies has a positive influence on each others. In my opinion the key is the diverse set of industries – not just technology focused – that are brought under one roof provides an extraordinary opportunity for all kind of cross-pollination of ideas. This initiative is exceptional, I would really like to see a Hungarian adaptation somewhere in the near future.

The other really interesting project was the rooftop farm, what was a really nice example of the repurposing of urban spaces. They were able to make a profitable business by using the roof of an ex-navy warehouse. The trend that they are riding here is with urban farming is getting bigger and bigger. We could taste it at Green Map labs’ honey what was a pleasant surprise. The lady showed us another face of New York what was a really different from the ones we saw earlier in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

We managed to get a sneak peek into the real estate industry in New York during our visit at Rudin management. It was eye-opening to see the time horizon they are planning their projects, it’s rare to see businesses thinking on a multi generation timescale. Although the lack of geological diversification was surprising too, one would think that they are thinking more strategically about other markets.

Another rising star on the real-estate market we had to opportunity to get a deeper view on was WeWork, a really cool design focused co-working space brand with massive traction and scale. With $350M raised at the end of last year they are opening WeWork offices almost every week, and there are weeks when they open multiple ones. This company is a really nice example of how one can prevail in a commodity market with proper branding, positioning and focus on the community aspect of an industry.

These three weeks in New York was a really nice experience, I can say life-changing one.


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