Third week in New York

Time flies, soon we came to the last week in New York. For me, I was touched more by the experience of company visit in the last week. One possible reason is after two week, I have more sense and knowledge about what entrepreneurs try to do. The other possible reason is that social entrepreneurship and sustainability seemed to be closer to the reality and my own ideology, or what I wish could do for this society.

The social entrepreneurship not only includes the profit orientation but also contains the social impact, differentiating from the traditional corporation and non-profit organization. While having the impact on the society, the company still earns the appropriate amount of profit to be sustainable. The excellent example would be Brooklyn Grange among company visit in this week.

Brooklyn Grange started the idea of rooftop farm in 2010. They are using the abandoned rooftop to grow the vegetables. In one hand, it can reduce the urban temperature, save the energy usage and decrease the carbon dioxide emission. In the other hand, it offers organic and healthy food to the society. Besides, they also provide the consulting and workshops to teach people this concept. It is viable that the company is making the profit year by year. This idea reminded me one of main points in the innovation session – innovation is combining desirable, doable and viable to make it real. That is exactly the expression here. Without creating the value, the business won’t be sustainable even though how brilliant the idea is.

Another interesting company visit in this week is Rudin Management. Rudin Management is a real estate company and owned by the family. Its investment portfolio contains commercial and residential parts. Instead of chasing short-term high profit, the company actually put more focus on long-term relationship with clients. “Customer service” is their focusing point, maintaining the building system in order to provide the safety and clean environment to tenants. The invented software application – Di-Boss is one of methods to provide good customer service, further to reduce the energy usage for the society. This is another form of innovation to show the social care.

All in all, the experience in New York was great for me. It is a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of professional career, social entrepreneurship and innovative thinking in this city.

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