The last and final week of NYC Module was a rather interesting week in a way,which is really hard to associate with NYC.where places like Brooklyn grange or We work or green maps or a real estate firm working to achieve efficiency where ever possible are flourishing and making it more interesting.

I would like to focus on these four company visits to highlight my take aways:

Green Maps : The locally created environmentally themed map was very interesting. One of the highlights was that green maps is surviving on a very low budget,which was disappointing considering how passionate and honest Wendy E. Brawer is about doing good for the society but I guess it kind of shows the psychology of the city,where a startup can generate up to a few hundred thousand rather quickly than investing in some of these social causes.”Anyways,there presence in 65 countries shows that good deeds somehow find its way even with lack of resources.It can also be applied to a business,human,startup that if you are good enough and people need you,you will make your way”.

Brooklyn grange : One of most interesting places of the week was this roof top farm.Ex banker turned farmer and he was so natural to what he was doing that he was born for it.I was amused to see a huge roof top farm in the middle of city,where he is not just doing vegetables but bees,chicken,sauces.But Chicken is not a profitable considering the amount of time you spend on it.btw I brought the hot sauce from him,which is amazing.only problem in water scarce region is that it might need more water because of evaporation.

Rudin Management : Rudin is the prime example of how much energy we can save to make the resources more sustainable and surprisingly Rudin is one of the very few who are doing so.It shows still in NYC with thousands of high rise buildings how much energy can be saved.In collaboration with Columbia University and Selex, the company has created a platform called Digital Building Operating System (DI-BOSS).Last yesr they saved close to  million dollar in energy saving.It would be a great technology to have in India,where there is more energy demand than being produced specially during summers.

We Work : This company was personally very interesting to me,as I was working for Regus,which does something similar but it was casual setting with see through doors and more open work setting,whereas regus is more corporate style.Although I wasn’t surprise with the growth as I can Imagine the demand would be really surprisingly they don’t have any growth plans for Asia was interstingly because of its concept,it might be a great success in Asian cities like Mumbai or Bangalore.Anyways It could be a door to opportunity to somebody else if not we work.

Last but not the least Thank you Bala and Mel for organizing this.It was one of the best times of MBA,where wevisited these big companies and get access to some of the high level people.Over all This program was a great success.

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