How long can we enjoy the world we know now and will tech really be that important?

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The third week of the New York City Module was my favorite week even though I was also sad because I knew it would soon be over.

First day we had Andrew Pek and Daniel Pianko talking about their experiences, facts and trends in terms of sustainability. In the afternoon we visited Wendy from Green Map and she showed us around in East Village. It was amazing to see how people themselves take initiative. Also the way the community functioned during Hurricane Sandy. Wendy gave me valuable input regarding GluteNo. She told me about, CSA (community supported agriculture: growers and consumers share the risks, SlowMoney and FoodPlusTechConnect. It was very inspiring to see her enthusiasm and the actual things she has already achieved with her work. Sadly the financial support which tech companies get and which companies which create value in a much wider and deeper sense get is very different. We went to a meetup where a young man who had an app which was identical to viber with a slight difference, it had an ‘undo’ button (just in brackets, this is a feature which viber could add any time). He talked about financing and said following: “You know, money is the easiest part. You get money. We got 3 million $ funny-money. That was good for practice and now we start real work.” On the other hand Wendy and her team get 150,000 yearly.

During the week we had many more interesting people tell us their story and share their experience: Michael McGetrick spoke about marketing, David Hochman shared his experience regarding the business incubators of New York City.

A very interesting and positive experience was our visit to Rudin Management. 3 things were extremely positive: family business for many generations, they don’t just shut down buildings – they work to make them better:  good or best again. What is more, the company has developed a system to keep AC optimal. The amount of waste AC causes is huge in the US compared to the need – this system has a smart way to check how many people are in the building and adjusts to it. When I stepped into the company this was the first thing I realized: it is not freezing cold but I’m not hot either. First year, 1 building, 1 million dollars saved.

Finally but not least I have to mention Brooklyn Grange. Ben Flanner is a very interesting man living in his farm world – he has established such an amazing thing I cannot do anything but respect him. He has a very cool attitude and a unique style. Simply listening to him was an experience. The roof top farm was astonishing!! I couldn’t stop tasting everything he pulled out freshly from the ground: all kinds of greens, radishes, and I have to mention kale as my absolute favorite.

Brooklyn Grange with Ben Flanner

Brooklyn Grange with Ben Flanner

For me, it would have been great to start with this week – I would have gone back to most of the companies for more know howJ

Beside our studies, we did make the most out of this trip and I had the chance to meet great people from the health/Food&Beverage business. I went to the Organic Food Incubator and met many interesting people and companies, and Karen from FreeBread invited me to her home in Queens on Sunday and we had an amazing afternoon sharing know how.

Queens - Home of Karin FreeBread founder

Queens – Home of Karin FreeBread founder

This trip was great and very useful but on the other hand I am really grateful I live in a world where there are many opportunities, deep values and still plenty of opportunity to do something else. “We do not have to be the absolute best but we need to find what makes us the relative best” 🙂 I came back to Budapest with great energy, I’m very glad I can call it my home and I cannot wait to get my business started!!

Thank you Mel, Bala and CEU!!


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